Our Story

20 September 2021

As we near Native Eye’s first birthday, we thought it was time to share a little more about us before we pop open the bubbly and celebrate our achievements to date.

Back in September 2020 we received our first shipment of kits, ready to embark on a new journey. Starting a small business in the middle of a Pandemic... Were we crazy?

It was our goal to build a community with our product that we hoped in some way would make a difference to people’s lives. We believed our paint kits could bring some joy and calm to what was, and still is a very confusing and difficult time for so many. 

It’s so incredibly important to take time for yourself. Life can get busy and we often forget to take the time to reset. We wanted Native Eye to be that gentle reminder to always prioritise some time for you.

In October 2020, as we were about to launch Native Eye, we had some more exciting news! As crazy as it sounds we both found out we were pregnant, with our due dates only days apart. Just over 3 months ago we both welcomed beautiful little girls into the world and have been juggling a new business and motherhood to bring you our latest range.

But its not just us! We are so grateful for our friends and family who have supported us and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help us keep our dream alive. We couldn’t do it without them and we look forward to introducing these legends to you soon.

We also wouldn't be here without all of you! You have made our dream a reality by supporting us, by choosing to take time for yourselves, and at the same time showing your support for the NZ artist’s we are working with.

Over the next year we will be sharing more behind the scenes content with you all, and we promise it won’t be just the good bits.

Tara & Rach xx

ggfudss (Baby Atarangi)
djslleel (Baby Emily)


20 September 2020

We are two great friends, born and raised in New Zealand, who have both spent time living in others parts of the world. In our early years we likely took our beautiful country for granted, however as time past and we experienced the rest of the world we truly came to appreciate how incredibly lucky we are to call New Zealand home. 

Some of you may have heard of Paint by Numbers. The concept is familiar to many around the world and was developed as an easy way to give those who would consider themselves ‘artistically challenged' an opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of painting.  

Personally we love the concept however being from New Zealand we felt that we couldn’t relate to most of the images on the market. It was that very thought that led to the development of Native Eye.

Our vision was to revitalise the concept and provide a fun & stress-free activity where New Zealanders and admirers of our country could learn to paint a piece of it, let go of any doubts, and become a fearless artist.

After getting this far we then started to think was this idea really enough? What could we incorporate that would give back to the community that has given so much to us?  

We decided that to represent the true New Zealand culture we needed the help of fellow kiwis. Knowing it can be tough for artists to get their work noticed we thought we could help by collaborating and offering an additional platform for homegrown talent.

We are confident with the help of New Zealand Artists, we have chosen images that capture our country's breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and strong culture and personality, in a variety of styles that will truly relate.  

The art of painting has great health benefits which need to be prioritised living in today’s society. The end result is your own masterpiece that will fit perfectly in your home or can be gifted to someone special. 

We hope you find something that truly connects with you.  

We will continue to tell our story and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

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Tara & Rach xx