Getting Started

Learning to paint using our Native Eye, Paint by Numbers kit is effortless! It's the perfect, creative project for adults and easy, canvas painting for beginners.

To get started simply, find a number on the canvas, select the corresponding acrylic paint pot and the correct size paintbrush and away you go!

To help you on your journey to becoming a fearless artist we have listed a few tips and tricks to get you going on your first artwork.  

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  • Easily portable, you can take your canvas and set up anywhere you feel comfortable 
  • Uncluttered space with good lighting is important 
  • Tape around the canvas edge to ensure a nice clean border   
  • Start from the top of the canvas and work your way down to ensure no smudging
  • Clean your paintbrush between colours, we recommend using a glass jar, half filled with tap water 
  • Use a paper towel or damp cloth to dry off your paintbrush  
  • Close the paint pot lid after using to stop the paint drying out 
  • Use all paint brush sizes  
  • Use paint sparingly, we recommend you complete your first coat before you decide to retouch or change anything 
  • If paint consistency is too thick or becomes dry, loosen with a drop or two of water   
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the paint dries quickly so you can go back over the same area again almost immediately
  • Play your favourite playlist or podcast, light a candle or your favourite incense, and limit your distractions  
  • Take breaks and enjoy the process  
  • Hang your NZ-inspired masterpiece in your home or gift it to a friend 
  • Be Fearless 



      Art of Blending 
      Blending is a technique we recommend you use where there should be a seamless transition from one colour to another. The best way to blend acrylic paints is wet-on-wet. Where two colours are painted side by side, blending is used to ensure you will not see a clear line where the two colours meet. Start with the darker of the two colours and merge this slightly into the area of the other using your paintbrush. It is important you then clean the brush and remove the excess paint before repeating the same process with the lighter colour. 

      Purpose of three brushes
      You will find three different sized brushes in your kit. Each one has a different job to do. The large, medium and small brush are used for softness, sharpness, and crispness respectively and for large and small areas. However, you can use them as per your need, but keep in mind not to paint all of the sections with a single sized brush. 

      Covering the numbers
      Most of the time the numbers will not show through after applying one coat of paint. Every now and again when using lighter colours you may need to apply a second layer of paint to ensure the number can no longer be seen. Another trick is to use white out pen or white pencil to cover the number, then once this is dry apply the paint layer.