Unlock Your Inner Artist: Top Tips for Painting with Native Eye Paint by Numbers

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey, escape the chaos, and unwind with your Native Eye, Paint by Numbers kit? Whether you're an aspiring artist or a complete beginner, we've got you covered with these essential tips and tricks to help you create a masterpiece.


1. Choose Your Painting Sanctuary

The first step to painting serenity is selecting the perfect location. Native Eye's Paint by Numbers kits are easily portable, so you can set up anywhere you feel comfortable. Find a quiet, uncluttered space with good lighting to make the most of your artistic adventure.

2. Create a Clean Border

For a professional finish, tape around the canvas edge before you get started to ensure a clean border. This simple step will make your artwork stand out and look polished. Our suggestion is to use the delicate surface masking tape found in our website's accessories section


Use masking tape along the canvas edge for a neat finish


3. Top-Down Approach

Start painting from the top of the canvas and work your way down. This technique prevents accidental smudging and ensures your colours stay crisp and vibrant.

4. Keep It Clean

Clean your paintbrush between colours. We recommend using a glass jar filled with tap water. A paper towel or damp cloth will help you dry off the brush, ready for the next colour.

5. Preserve Your Paint

Always remember to close the paint pot lid after using it. This prevents your acrylic paints from drying out prematurely, ensuring they're ready whenever you need them.

6. Variety of Brush Sizes

Inside your Native Eye kit you find three different sized brushes. Each one has a different job to do. The large, medium and small brush are used for softness, sharpness, and crispness respectively and for large and small areas. Don't limit yourself to just one brush size, use them all to create different textures and details in your artwork.


Each paint kit includes 3 different paintbrush sizes


7. Covering the Numbers

In most cases, the numbers will be concealed with just one coat of paint. However, for some of the lighter colours, a second possibly third coat might be necessary to completely hide the number underneath. A clever trick to save you time and paint is to use a white paint pen to cover the numbers before applying the paint layer.

8. Paint Sparingly

Use your acrylic paint sparingly. It's better to complete your first coat before deciding to retouch or make changes. This ensures a smooth and consistent finish.

9. Adjust Paint Consistency

If your paint becomes too thick or dries out, you can easily adjust the consistency by adding a drop or two of water. This keeps your paints fresh and workable. Be extra careful not to add too much water! An eyedropper is a great option to control the amount of water you use.

10. Embrace Mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Once applied to the canvas the paint dries quickly, allowing you to go back over the same area almost immediately to correct any errors.

11. Set the Mood

Enhance your painting experience by playing your favourite playlist or podcast, lighting a candle or incense, and minimising distractions. This will help you get into the creative flow and truly relax.


Elevate your painting experience with music & ambiance


12. Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks and savour the painting process. It's all about enjoying the journey, so take your time and savour every brush stroke.

13. Display Your Masterpiece

Once you've finished your NZ-inspired artwork, hang it proudly in your home or share it as a thoughtful gift with a friend. Since each canvas arrives pre-stretched over a robust wooden frame, installation can be done immediately with the provided wall hooks. 


Summer Stack - Native Eye Paint by Numbers Kit 


Bonus Tip: Create Your Own Easel

If you're looking for a simple and cost-effective way to elevate your painting experience, here's a clever hack. You can use the Native Eye cardboard box that your paint kit was delivered in as an easel. Here's how to do it:

1. Fold the Box: Fold the cardboard box in half, but in the opposite direction to how you initially opened it. This will create a stable, upright structure.

2. Front and Back Support: Use something sturdy like a set of books to prop up both the front and back sides of the folded box. This will give you a makeshift easel for your canvas.

3. Position Your Canvas: Place your Paint by Numbers canvas back inside the box. Adjust the angle and height as needed for your comfort.


Using a Native Eye Box as an Easel


Finally, always remember to be fearless in your creative endeavours. Your Native Eye Paint by Numbers kit is your gateway to artistic expression and relaxation, so embrace the process and enjoy every brush stroke.

Don't forget to share your painting progress with us on Facebook @NativeEyeNZ or Instagram @NativeEye_NZ. We can't wait to see your stunning creations! Happy painting!