Painting Away the Clouds: A Journey to Happiness & Balance

Ever felt like you're constantly pulled in every direction by life's demands with hardly a moment to spare for yourself? You're not alone.

Welcome to our first blog post! Today, we're delighted to share the story of one of our cherished customers – Sapphire. Her journey with Native Eye's Paint by Number kits embodies the essence of why we created Native Eye. It's about finding joy, seeking calm, and regaining balance amid the chaos of life. Sapphire's journey speaks to what many of us encounter every day – the urge to put everyone else first, often at the expense of our own well-being.

Life can be demanding, leaving us feeling drained and worn out by the relentless demands of our daily routines. At Native Eye, we understand the importance of finding moments of respite, even amid chaos. We advocate for infusing your life with activities that bring you calm and happiness, helping you regain that much-needed balance. And that's where our Paint by Number kits come in – an accessible, affordable way to experience instant relaxation.



 Summer Stack - Designed By Alissa May  


Rediscovering Balance Amid Life's Chaos: Sapphire's Journey

Sapphire's journey is one that many can relate to. Just like her, we often find ourselves navigating through life, constantly tending to others' needs while our own well-being takes a back seat. To begin with, Sapphire wasn't aware that her mental well-being was suffering. It wasn't until she started painting that she truly grasped the extent of her need to dedicate time for herself. Her story underscores the reality that while it's essential to care for others, caring for ourselves is equally vital.

Sapphire stumbled upon Native Eye, as an existing customer of fabulous NZ Artist and Native Eye collaborator Anna Mollekin. At the time she was dealing with the heaviness of her mental well-being. It felt like her mind was wrapped in a fog, making even her favourite things seem a bit dull. The brightness that used to fill her days had faded, and even happiness seemed hard to find.

But then, something remarkable occurred once she picked up her paint brush. The transformation was truly remarkable. Painting wasn't merely colours on canvas; it was a lifeline. Each brushstroke became a deliberate effort to clear her mind, lift her spirits, and reignite her zest for life. It was as if the act of painting had a cleansing effect, gradually dispelling the clouds that had settled in her thoughts.

As she immersed herself in her painting journey, something magical unfolded. The act of creating art not only brought her joy but also ushered in clarity. This newfound clarity wasn't confined to the canvas; it began seeping into other aspects of her life. She found herself savouring everyday moments with a newfound appreciation, as if the world had suddenly become more vibrant and colourful.


Moeraki Boulders - Painted by Sapphire 


Taking Time for Yourself: A Message of Self-Care

Sapphire's journey highlights the value of carving out time for oneself, a concept that's often easier said than done. Native Eye's mission is rooted in encouraging this vital act of self-care. Our Paint by Number kits aren't just about art; they're about instigating a moment of pause, a moment that's entirely your own. They're designed for anyone, regardless of artistic ability, because the act of creation isn't limited by skill but by the willingness to embrace it.

Sapphire's has now completed a whopping 10 Native Eye Paint by Number kits which stands as a testament to the transformation that can arise when we prioritise ourselves. Not only is her home beautifully decorated with her creative work she’s taken her newfound artistic passion to the next level by painting and gifting her creations to her loved ones. While there are various ways to unwind, the core message remains – taking time for yourself is vital. And if you're seeking an activity that brings relaxation and a touch of New Zealand's inspiration, our Paint by Number kits are an ideal choice.


Lake Tekapo - Painted by Sapphire


Painting Your Path to Balance and Joy

Sapphire's inspiring journey isn't just a personal narrative; it's a reflection of the journeys we all take in pursuit of balance and self-care. Through Native Eye's Paint by Number kits, we offer you a chance to bring that balance back into your life. We invite you to find your creative outlet, to paint away your clouds, and to embrace the joy that awaits when you put yourself first.

As Sapphire's story demonstrates, it's not about the quantity of time you dedicate to yourself; it's about the quality of those moments. Each brushstroke isn't just paint on canvas – it's a declaration of self-love, a commitment to your well-being, and a step towards painting your own path to joy. So, join us in the adventure of embracing self-care, finding inspiration in the everyday, and painting your way to a clearer mind, brighter mood, and a heart full of happiness.

While painting offers a great avenue for balance, it's worth noting that there are many ways to unwind. A leisurely walk or a quiet moment with a cup of tea can be just as rejuvenating. Sometimes, investing as little as 5 minutes in "me time" can yield a substantial improvement in our well-being. We encourage all of you to take a moment each week to stop and find some peace. It won't just make your life better but it will also spread positive vibes to those around you.


Cathedral Cove, Mt Taranaki & Cape Regina - Painted by Sapphire


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